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SEPTEMBER is an AMAZING month – it is a 200+pv Special Month!

Essential Oils Canberra - September Promotion - Litsea and Manuka

September is an AMAZING month to get yourself a wholesale account with doTERRA.  This month doTERRA will GIVE you a FREE Listea AND Manuka with every 200pv order!

I want to make it even better and offer you incentives too. If you get a wholesale account with me before 30 September 2017, you will also receive the following:

  • 5 x 10ml Roller Bottles
  • 2 x Ice Blue Samples
  • 2 x On Guard Samples
  • 1 x Slim + Sassy Metabolic Gum Samples
  • 1 x Healthy Can Be Simple Leaflet

PLUS you get education mentoring and a great community in my facebook group and company as a whole!  This is an excellent month to join!  I almost never do extra incentives but to see everyone have these pure and ethical essential oils in your home has called me to offer them!!!

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