January 1, 2017
Essentially Hope - doTERRA Local Enrolment Kit - Essential Oils

Essential oils were always used in our home and for our wellness by my Mother when I was growing up.  She often used them in an oil burner and topically.  I knew the power of essential oils but truthfully never really liked oil burners because of the sticky burnts smell once the water had evaporated, so I figured I wouldn’t be having oils in my own family repertoire.  In the past 8 years, I’ve given birth to two children, one of which is a high emotional functioning child who battles eczema, been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and the beginning deterioration of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and have my Grandmother who lives with us who has lots of her own hindering skin conditions.  I was pretty naive about all of the uses, advantages and benefits of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

You can buy dōTERRA essential oils and products at retail prices in my STORE.


This is your best often if you want to buy something from me as a once off, though if you plan on buying more than once or twice, the best option is a wholesale membership.  You will receive an automatic discount off retail prices and at that point there is then NO further obligation to buy any more.   You can order what you want there and then and simply log back in when you want to replenish or want to try something new (believe me – you will).

If you are interested in ordering dōTERRA essential oils, you can CLICK HERE to join straight away.


This month when you open a wholesale account or place a 200pv order on your account you will receive a FREE Salubelle Blend valued at $129.33!  This is one of the incredibly generous offers doTERRA gives you each month!

Empower yourself to live a joyful and meaningful life, healthier and happier with Essential Oils | Essentially Hope


My very first order when I joined up with a wholesale account was the Home Essentials Kit.  It contains the 10 most popular starter oils and a beautiful diffuser.  This is only $330 and valued at over $500 retail value – though there are other amazing collections you can choose from!

Why become a Wellness Advocate or wholesale member with dōTERRA?

  • Wholesale pricing (25% discount) – my favourite perk!
  • No monthly order required.
  • Option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points.
  • Eligibility to receive dōTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month.
  • Ability to earn compensation and bonuses.
  • This is the lowest overall product cost & smartest way to buy.


Essentially Hope - doTERRA Local Enrolment Kit - Essential Oils

Essentially Hope - doTERRA Local Enrolment Kit - Essential Oils


All of the kits mentioned above, include the Essential Collection:

  • Lemon:  Purifies the air, detoxes the body, uplifts moods.
  • Peppermint:  Invigorates, assists digestion, tastes fantastic added to chocolate fudge!
  • Lavender:  Incredible added to bathwater, rubbed on the bottom of the feet before bed, soothes headaches.
  • Frankincense:  Excellent diffused for brain function and improved memory, assists the body in healing cuts, bruises, scars.  Apply to fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Oregano:  1 drop daily assists in healthy immune function, high in antioxidants, supports healthy digestion and tastes great when you add a drop to your savoury meals!
  • Tea Tree (Maleluca):  Protects against environmental and seasonal threats.  Use a drop in your facial cleanser, treat ear infections, athletes foot and bites and stings.
  • Easy Air:  Perfect for chest congestion and cold and flu season.  Opens up the airways and is fantastic for asthmatics.
  • OnGuard:  Protective blend!  Scientifically proven to rid cold and flus.  Preventative medication.  High in antioxidants.  Really great to travel with.  DoTERRA add OnGuard to their home products, including: toothpaste, hand wash, cleaner concentrate, laundry liquid, etc.
  • Deep Blue:  Use topically to ease muscular and joint pain and inflammation.  Apply before and after exercise and before bed (a personal favourite ritual of mine).  Creaky knees, hips, lower back?  Rub this on several times a day.
  • DigestZen:  Ease bloating, nausea, heartburn, constipation and digestive discomfort.  Apply topically to the belly or sip in water!

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How To Sign Up

  • Click HERE  to head to the store.
  • Select JOIN & SAVE.
  • Choose your country.
  • Type in all of your details.
  • The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID should automatically be populated with my details.
    • These should be 1758491 and will have Copeland, Hope underneath.
  • Select a password and agree to the T&C’s after reading them.
  • HOORAH – you can now place and purchase your initial order.  Insert excitement here!!!

You can also set up a Loyalty Rewards Program Order then or later on.  This helps you earn free products too!


If you need any help setting this up or ordering, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  

I’m only too happy to help!