I am Hope.  I am a Mamma.  I am a proud Military Spouse.  I am an Occasional Photographer of Tiny Humans.  I am a Mighty Fibromyalgia Warrior.  I am an Essential Oil Lover hell bent on making my family’s health better with essential oils, wellness and actively making good life choices.

I am an only child [which probably explains a lot] and in return wish I had half a dozen children.  Though, for those of you who know my darling kiddies, Lachlan and Charlotte, know that they are the work of six kids between them.  The television show I love are Grey’s Anatomy, The Crown and Suits.  Having impromptu dance parties in the kitchen with the kids and Lachlan always puts a smile on my face.  I check on both of them every single night before I go to bed to giggle at their crazy sleeping positions and thank my stars that I’ve been given such a great [and incredibly exhausting] gift.  I simply LOVE chocolate.  Plain old Cadbury’s Milk chocolate.  And wine.  A big, hearty red.  With a soft, creamy cheese.  And fresh bread.  Oh, just yum!  Do you see why I need essential oils in my life?!?!  I despise gardening unless it is potting up little succulent plants – frankly, they are the only thing I can really grow.  (Though, I HAVE killed a few too!)

I have a social media obsession, which means I pretty much Instagram most things in sight.  Seriously.  I post a lot.  AND, not always about essential oils!  Check out the link – I love that thing!  ALL of the images on this site are from Instagram.  I wish I had waist length, thick hair that I could put up into a top knot in 30 seconds and I absolutely detest summer heat.  I would seriously consider giving up chocolate (not cheese – let’s not get crazy now) for a live-in housekeeper and would dress the whole family in jeans, sandals and a tee every day without hesitation.


I am Lachlan. I am a Father. I am partner to an amazing, strong and creative woman, Hope.  I am a Rugby tragic.  I’m fairly new to using essential oils but I have loved learning more about their benefits and I’m very glad that they have provided me with an opportunity to make our family’s health better.

My daughter, Bella has food allergies and asthma and sometimes makes for interesting dinners out as a family.  We love searching through the stacks in Minotaur or Impact to find our favourite comics together.  I am a bit of a Star Wars, SciFy and Superhero geek.  At 40 years plus, perhaps stupidly I still play Rugby.  I can’t help myself.  I also like to be outside, pottering in the yard or running around after the kids.  Like Hope I love chocolate, though I have a pretty big sweet tooth in general.  And I love to cook.  That said, my favourite meal is still noshing away on a cheese board with the family, and enjoying a big and bold red.

Like many, I have trouble sleeping.  I snore and I fidget.  And I have a bad back from too many scrums and falling not very gracefully under canopy while Parachuting.  Essential oils have supported me in reducing pain and soreness, improving my sleep, and reducing tension and stress.


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Essentially Hope - Essential Oils Canberra

Image by the incredibly talented and ridiculously lovely Cath from Two Collins Photography.